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Celebrate Seth Darnell With Us

Today’s blog post has some exciting news to share with you regarding this year's commemoration of “The City of Azle’s Proclaimed Seth Darnell Day.” After thoughtful consideration, the decision was made to expand the celebration by organizing a virtual

Seth Darnell Week on Facebook from July 17th through July 21st.

In our efforts to make this event more inclusive and accessible, we have chosen to utilize the power of social media. By hosting a virtual Seth Darnell Week on Facebook, we can include family and friends regardless of their physical location.

During this commemorative event, our aim is to honor Seth's life and the lasting impact he had on our hearts. By joining together in celebrating Seth's life, we are reminded that he touched many people with his vibrant personality, contagious smile and remarkable character.

As we honor Seth, we also invite you to make a difference by supporting the nonprofit organization he inspired, 2 Miles of Smiles. At 18 years old and battling cancer, Seth went skydiving with unwavering courage and his radiant smile which sparked a remarkable vision. That vision became 2 Miles of Smiles, a nonprofit dedicated to empowering, strengthening,

and bringing smiles to those living with cancer through the incredible experience of a FREE tandem skydive.

If you would like to join the vision that Seth sparked, we invite you to make a donation in his honor and support the mission of 2 Miles of Smiles. You can use the Facebook Fundraiser link provided below or visit their website at Your support can bring smiles, hope, and a joy-filled day away from the challenges of cancer to those who need it most.

To actively participate in the virtual Seth Darnell week, please “like” our Facebook page and check out our daily post from July 17th through July 21st. Your participation will undoubtedly contribute to a meaningful and heartfelt tribute to his memory.

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